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Frames are a knowledge representation technique. They resemble an extended form of record (as in Pascal and Modula-2) or struct (using C terminology) or class (in Java) in that they have a number of slots which are like fields in a record or struct, or variable in a class. Unlike a record/struct/class, it is possible to add slots to a frame dynamically (i.e. while the program is executing) and the contents of the slot need not be a simple value. If there is no value present in a slot, the frame system may use a default for frames of that type, or there may be a demon present to help compute a value for the slot. Documentation for frames as implemented in iProlog is available at (This link is outside my web space and may break.)

Demons in frames differ from methods in a Java class in that a demon is associated with a particular slot, whereas a Java method is not so linked to a particular variable.

Source : UNWS AI dictionary

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