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système d'argumentation

En sémantique, un système d'argumentation est un moyen de gérer des informations conflictuelles et d'en tirer des conséquences.


Argumentation framework

In artificial intelligence and related fields, an argumentation framework, or argumentation system, is a way to deal with contentious information and draw conclusions from it.

In an abstract argumentation framework,[1] entry-level information is a set of abstract arguments that, for instance, represent data or a proposition. Conflicts between arguments are represented by a binary relation on the set of arguments. In concrete terms, you represent an argumentation framework with a directed graph such that the nodes are the arguments, and the arrows represent the attack relation. There exist some extensions of the Dung's framework, like the logic-based argumentation frameworks[2] or the value-based argumentation frameworks.[3]


Source : Wikipedia

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